Whether you're the president or the CEO of a large company, the deacon of a university, a teacher at high-school or the caretaker of an institutionalized child, you're first of all an individual, a person, a human being. With everything that follows with it. However hard and dedicated you're working, your personal thoughts and feelings never leave you. And sometimes might get in your way, put on the brakes to your performance and happiness in life. 

But obviously, you're not sick or ill. So your doctor can't help you. Nor can your bank contact (if it's not something financial/economic.), he's not interested in your personal life challenges. And your psychologist can't help because it's obvious you don't have a downright psychological problem. 

Here's where your coach comes in. Your coach isn't interested in finding reasons why not to help you; your coach is there, to help you, anyways, just a call away.   

Your challenges can be so many: your daughter is dating the wrong guy, your husband has been a bit "off" lately, you've gradually started to change your views of life, and because of that, of the company, you're feeling lonely, not being able to discuss these things, without fearing  consequences. 

Here your coach comes in. Your coach helps you to get where you want to be in life. Your coach supports you, all the way. Your coach is never judgmental (sack him if he is!), your coach doesn't doubt you. Your coach is near you, though maybe from a distance, is your unconditional helper, for as long as you need. That's only for you to decide. 

My reason for being a coach is that I so very well know that everybody needs a helping hand, every once in a while. Being an experienced MD as well, I know about all the fields of life that lack support possibilities. I know that my clients work hard to reach their targets, otherwise they wouldn't ask me for that support, would they?

I can really understand it if someone asks me for a coaching session at any time of the day, because that session time fits best into their lifes. Maybe it's just before a scheduled meeting, or just after it. A meeting creating a sense of fear, uncertainty. A feeling you could never discuss with anybody around you, for obvious reasons. 

How easy is it to present the tertial numbers for your company when you feel a member of the board doesn't trust in you? How easy is it to care for a child with a lot of challenges and at the same time having a job with a lot of challenges as well? How easy is it to develop feelings of guild for not doing either job as well as you feel you should have? Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to talk about this with someone totally outside your circles, a neutral, supporting person? 

I'm very interested in talking with you, just around the corner. When you send me a mail, I'll get in touch with you, no matter timezones.That's why we have the internet. I offer you a free first session. So you take no risks whatsoever. You're very welcome to me! We are, after all, only human🙂

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06.01 | 05:16

Ben is a fantastic coach who’s focus is on results, positive change and a confidential trust based experience. I would recommend Ben to anyone, without hesitation. Diana (Canada & Mexico)

23.12 | 18:03

Ben has done several good jobs for my executive staff in our global family business. Highly recomended

04.12 | 20:36

Ben’s exceptional at pointing out areas where I stand in the way of my progress. My go-to coach when I need honest eyes that listens and asks questions to fast-track my goals. Ellis, London

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