Personal Coaching for Executives

Offers: at the time you need, no matter where you live.

By internet/webphone or by face to face talks. You'll appreciate the experience.

My Executive Coaching exists of very good support to the Human Being that is The Executive. With my education and background, working with people is what I do best. 

My personal main field of work is supporting (corporate) executives to deliver the best they can at any time. 

- Acute engagements without prior contact. Just get in touch by mail.

- Short time packages (less than 3 months)

- 3 months weekly sessions package.

- 6 months weekly or every other week sessions package.

- 12 months weekly, every other week or monthly sessions package.

 I'll be the one who's always there! Try now! You can't lose

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06.01 | 05:16

Ben is a fantastic coach who’s focus is on results, positive change and a confidential trust based experience. I would recommend Ben to anyone, without hesitation. Diana (Canada & Mexico)

23.12 | 18:03

Ben has done several good jobs for my executive staff in our global family business. Highly recomended

04.12 | 20:36

Ben’s exceptional at pointing out areas where I stand in the way of my progress. My go-to coach when I need honest eyes that listens and asks questions to fast-track my goals. Ellis, London

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